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Aluminium is a metal that has found its way into many areas of everyday life. You find it as castings, sheets, profiles and forgings in transport, building and construction, mechanical engineering and precision mechanics, electrical engineering, chemical engineering and food industry, kitchen, household ware and metal goods. In many cases aluminium-specific joining or surface technologies are applied to enable the light metal to fulfill special requirements.

Aluminium is a perfect recycling material. Modern sorting, pre-treatment and remelting technologies are the prerequisite to ensure a closed aluminium loop in order to contribute to the raw material supply and a resource efficient society of today and tomorrow.

At the ALUMINIUM 2018 Conference with its motto ‘Aluminium – Material for the Future’, the various applications of aluminium currently used be presented together with possible further developments that will make products in the future even lighter, nicer and more resource efficient.

Together with representatives from the different sections of the industry, manufacturers of semi-finished products, refiners, remelters and subsuppliers, the latest innovative and future-looking solutions will be presented and discussed.

Conference Day 1 - 09 October 2018

Session 1: Aluminium Markets

Prof. Dr. Jürgen Hirsch
Aluminium Consulting - Königswinter / Germany
Senior Consultant for Hydro Aluminium Rolled Products GmbH
08:30 Registration open for 1 h
09:30 Aluminium, an ideal material with a great future
Speaker: Jürgen Hirsch |Aluminium Consulting - Königswinter / Germany
09:50 Aluminium Market Outlook: More surpluses or looming shortage?
Speaker: Ben Thomas |CRU Group, UK
10:10 Aluminium markets - latest trends
Speaker: Andreas Postler | GDA e.V., Germany
10:30 Business Portfolio Strategies of Mining and Metal Groups in the Era of Globalizationl
Speaker: Bruno Rüttimann|Switzerland
10:50 Coffeebreak (approx. 20 min.)
11:10 2019 Aluminum Price Outlook: Mitigating Price Risk
Speaker: Lisa Reisman |MetalMiner, USA
11:30 Digital Transformation of the Metals (Aluminium-) Industry
Speaker: Nils Naujok | PwC Strategy& (Germany) GmbH, Germany
11:50 From Automating Knowledge to Doing the Impossible: Five Top Use Cases for Aluminium Industry to go Digital
Speaker: Stefan Koch | SAP SE, Germany
12:10 Aluminium in electric vehicles – the battle for every kilo
Speaker: Goran Djukanovic| Aluminium Market Analyst and Industry Consultant | Montenegro
12:30 Break for 1h

Session 2: Plant, Processes, Digitalization

Dr. Kai F. Karhausen, Head of Dept. Rolling Technology
Hydro Aluminium Rolled Products GmbH
13:30 Integrated Process Models as Part of Thermo processing Plants
Speaker: Simon Künne| Otto Junker GmbH, Germany
13:50 Chatter management at Cold Rolling Mills today
Speaker: Matthias Krüger, Sebastian Richard|SMS Group, Germany
14:10 Hydrogen measurements in EN-AW 6082 alloy
Speaker: Luisa Marzoli | TRIMET Aluminium SE, Germany
14:30 Quenching an integral part of the heat transfer process during the heat treatment of aluminium – a survey of methods and techniques
Speaker: Dan Dragulin| ATC ALUVATION Technology Center Paderborn GmbH, Germany
14:50 Coffeebreak (approx. 20 min.)
15:10 Processing routes for new aluminium plate products with improved tooling performance
Speaker: Werner Fragner| AMAG Austria Metall AG, Austria
15:30 Opportunities of numerical simulation in the design and optimization of extrusion processes
Speaker: Alessandro Selvaggio| ISPT GmbH & Co. KG, Germany
15:50 Selection of the right cooling conditions to achieve the perfect match for mechanical properties and profile geometry
Speaker: Andreas Schiffl | Hammerer Aluminium Industries Extrusion GmbH, Austria
16:10 Smart process chain for the development of additive manufacturing specific Aluminium powders and filler wiress
Speaker: Stephan Ucsnik, Matthias Hartmann| AIT - Austrian Institute of Technology, Austria
Status: June 2018. Subject to change without prior notice.

Conference Day 2 - 10 October 2018

Session 3: Surface

Willem Beljaars
Chairman of Board
GSB international
8:30 Registration open for 1 h
09:30 Chromium-VI-Ban and Chromium-VI-free Surface - Pre-treatment - State of the Art
Speaker: Werner Mader | GSB International, Germany
09:50 Improving Productivity for the Process Chain Anodizing of Aluminium (“Eloxal”)
Spaeker: Oliver Katschmareck | Chemetall GmbH, Germany
10:10 Ecorinse LD: The first Qualicoat approved product for Anodic Base
Speaker: Elia Schaer Alvarez| ALVAREZ-SCHAER, S.A., Spain
10:30 Mat Powder Coatings - A Challenge For The Supply Chain
Speaker: Michael Wehnhardt |Akzo Nobel GmbH | Harald Schreiner, PBS Schreiner GmbH, Germany
10:50 Coffeebreak (approx. 20 min.)
11:10 Latest market trends in the European Architectural market & sustainable solutions
Speaker: Ludovic Beal| Axalta Coating Systems, Germany
11:30 DGNB Platinum Certification – A sustainable façade clad with Novelis aluminium ff2®
Speaker: Thore Kroeger | Novelis Deutschland GmbH, Germany
11:50 High Scratch and Abrasion Resistant Coatings for Automotive Exterior Trim Applications – Applied Nanotechnology & Functional Properties
Speaker: Wibke Hartleb |Momentive Performance Materials GmbH, Germany
12:10 Comparative electrochemical and intergranular corrosion-resistance testing of wrought aluminium-alloy-based end products
Speaker: Varužan Kevorkijan | Impol Group, Slovenia
12:00 Break for 1h

Session 4: Recycling

Jörg H. Schäfer, Head of Recycling and Sustainability
GDA - Gesamtverband der Aluminiumindustrie e.V.
13:30 Sensor Based Sorting of Aluminium Scrap
Speaker: Nils Bauerschlag |Hydro Aluminium Rolled Products GmbH, Germany
13:50 Eccomelt356.2 – an ecological and economical alternative to primary A356.2/Al-Si7Mg for many applications
Speaker:Martin Hartlieb | Eccomelt LLC, Canada
14:10 Recycling dirty aluminium tinfoil into biofuel catalyst and other useful products
Speaker: Ahmed Osman| Queen's University Belfast, UK
14:30 Aluminium drives innovation for the future of mobility
Speaker: Serge Gaudin| Novelis AG, Germany
14:50 Coffeebreak (approx. 20 min.)
15:10 The Aluminium Stewardship Initiative: implementation and impact
Speaker: Fiona Solomon | asi - Aluminium Stewardship Initiative, Australia
15:30 Recycling of contaminated Aluminium Scrap in Twin Chamber Furnaces
Speaker: Rukiye Gültekin| Tenova LOI Thermprocess, Germany
15:50 High efficient alloy selective sorting with laser light
Speaker: Edwin Büchter| cleanSORT GmbH, Germany
16:10 Circular economy and waste shipment regulation, legislative developments - the way forward
Speaker: Magdalena Garczynska, Maarten Labberton| European Aluminium, Belgium
Status: June 2018. Subject to change without prior notice.

Conference Day 3 - 11 October 2018

Session: Automotive

Matthias Gotthelf
Technology Development Casting/Extrusions
Audi AG

Dietrich Wieser, Director Business Development Global Automotive
Arconic Global Rolled Products
08:30 Registration open for 1 h
09:30 Digitization, Electrification, Urban Mobility – how will the future Auto Industry look like?
Speaker: Marius Baader| VDA - Verband der Automobilindustrie e.V., Germany
09:50 A more sustainable urban transport concept using aluminium intensive design
Speaker: Leif Hagebeuker | Hydro Aluminium, Norway
10:10 Partnering with customers to find the best solutions - an example of systems engineering in the Automotive industry
Speaker: Bart Sprengers | Aleris Aluminum Duffel BVBA, Belgium
10:30 Development NHT Alloys with Good Hot Cracking Resistance for Automotive Applications via ICME Approach
Speaker: Xinyan Yan | Alcoa Technical Center, USA
10:50 Coffeebreak (approx. 20 min.)
11:10 Development of high strength alloys for the automotive market (HHS 400 – The future of aluminium is strong)s
Speaker: Susanne Koch | Hydro Extruded Solution, Sweden
11:30 Evaluation of usability for molten route manufactured Aluminium composite foam panels
Speaker: Ali Ulus | ITU - Istanbul Technical University, Turkey
11:50 Process development for a new mechanical joining technology of aluminium alloys
Speaker: Thomas Grimm| IWU – Fraunhofer Institut, Dresden, Germany
12:10 Metal 3D printing in the automotive industry on the way to mass production
Speaker: Ralf Frohwerk | SLM Solutions Group AG
Status: June 2018. Subject to change without prior notice.