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Aluminium is a metal that has found its way into many areas of everyday life. You find it as castings, sheets, profiles and forgings in transport, building and construction, mechanical engineering and precision mechanics, electrical engineering, chemical engineering and food industry, kitchen, household ware and metal goods. In many cases aluminium-specific joining or surface technologies are applied to enable the light metal to fulfill special requirements.

Aluminium is a perfect recycling material. Modern sorting, pre-treatment and remelting technologies are the prerequisite to ensure a closed aluminium loop in order to contribute to the raw material supply and a resource efficient society of today and tomorrow.

At the ALUMINIUM 2016 Conference with its motto ‘Aluminium – Material for the Future’, the various applications of aluminium currently used be presented together with possible further developments that will make products in the future even lighter, nicer and more resource efficient.

Together with representatives from the different sections of the industry, manufacturers of semi-finished products, refiners, remelters and subsuppliers, the latest innovative and future-looking solutions will be presented and discussed.

Program 2016: Coming soon.